Quality Standard

dz capital sdn bhd, is an ISO 9001:2000 accredited company, dz operates through Quality Management Systems, which controls every aspect of the company.

Quality Policy

It has already established a reputation for its quality of product and speed of service, and it is continually seeking additional ways by which it can improve both its products and services.

Awards Recognitions

dz capital sdn bhd is an ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Implementing quality and environment systems and procedures in manufacturing

Health Safety Environment

We are committed to health, safety and environmental protection and the broader integration of environmental and economic priorities, in all aspects of our business.


'We aim to illustrate our commitment in expanding in a World-Class, Customer-Oriented manufacturer and service-provider for metal and steel products'.


  • Teamwork and perseverance - to achieve excellence
  • Smart and dynamic workforce - the key asset to our company
  • Creativity, Pro-activeness and Innovation - the tools to achieve our goal
  • Providing exceptional quality of products and services - striving to exceed customer expectations
  • Positive thinking that nothing is impossible - key to our success


Products and services offered by DZ Capital Sdn Bhd

Metal Stamping

Lamination stamping of loose and staked, interlocked laminations.

Tool & Die Development

Each step of the process, for creating a tool to produce high quality stampings

Product Assembly

Assembly can include soldering, laser etching, adhesive labeling, packaging

Electrical Sector

system development in the medium voltage switchgear to low voltage switchgear

Tooling Maintenance & Modification

Independent entity and produces moulds and dies for a variety of electrical automotives


Design, prototyping, fabrication, tooling, stamping, assembly, silk screening, overlays


We pride ourselves on our experience and for our quality products and services.

What Top Management say


Our main goal is to continue to innovate to provide high quality solutions for our clients. We will achieve this and our other objectives by caring passionately for our clients, business partners, contactors and our employees.
Dato' Zazlan Mohamed Samin
Executive Chairman
Our goal is to exude positive energy within the company and hopes for the best of DZ Capital continuous success and business growth in the future. Management plays a vital role to take our company for a strategic position in metal stamping industry.
Farhana Dato' Zazlan
Our focus to take our company to the next level by interfacing all our sources,manpower,ideology and latest stamping technique's. Also we proud ourself that continous improvement and sustainable growth has been acheived for this prolong years.
Mr. Mohdmed Farhan

"Knowledge Economy" and 'Knowledge Society'

DZ Capital has consistently invested in quality and excellence in terms of human resources and R&D in order to steer the company through accurate projections of market trends and customer demands.